This site lists the protips that we shared with students during our courses

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Dotfiles on our computers

Yes! Finally someone (thank you, Charlotte) asked me on how I setup your computers.

Luckily I’m ready for the question (was kinda hoping that you would ask for a lecture during the bootcamp but we ran out of time).

First of all, I have configured all your computers the same way, in a idiomatic but generally good starting-point approach.

I’ve accomplished that with something refered to as dotfiles and you can read more about that concept here and even more to learn here

Dotfiles are just a github repository with setup and configuration scripts that you all can run at your leisure to keep your computers updated. That means that you all have a copy of the dotfiles on your computers.

It’s is at:

cd ~/.dotfiles

The actual repository is here. Which also contains a ReadMe that describes what is installed and how it works

How did Marcus do it?

You can read about the process and how I configured your computers here

Make it your own

In this ReadMe we also describe how to install the tools on your computer for the first time.